About Us

Knockknock was founded to simplify the procedures of recruiting and management of human resources. The organization manages the hiring process to find the best applicant for the open position. Employers must go through a screening process to have their positions posted on the Knockknock Recruitment Platform.

Along with recruitment services, Knockknock also offers a supply of outsourced workers in areas such as Hospitality and Catering – Waiters, Housekeepers, Baristas, Shop Counter Workers, and Cooks.

In addition to its operations, Knockknock provides Transportation and Delivery services to third-party operators by supplying both manpower and operational resources such as drivers with company-owned cars or bikes.

Our intention is to diversify the project to cover a wider region and connect with cross-border agencies to give their ambitious job seekers the opportunity to work in Elite Companies and Small Businesses. We oversee the safety and rights of our workforce and ensure they are respected and rewarded.

One of the effective yet so simple incentives we give to all our employees is free food from our own FoodIsland – Sushi & Japanese Restaurant in Gzira.